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Rather then confuse you with a lot of faq's, long-winded text, or a forum that tends to spread mis-information, we thought we'd take a fresh approach to helping you master the both the beginning and advanced features and techniques of using Trade Oracle. Below are topics beginning with the basics, presented in audio/visual format, and designed to step you logically through the program.

We highly recommend you adjust your resolution to 1024 x 768 at a minimum, as the visual aspects are presented in streaming format, and will allow you to view the entire interface without having to scroll. When you launch the tutorial, you may be asked if you wish to install The Macromedia Flash plugin. Please answer yes, as it's required to view the tutorials. Also, if your browser is currently set to block popups, please set it to allow them for this site.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be adding many tutorials on various Trade Oracle subjects. We certainly would appreciate your input, so please feel free to email us at with any topics you would like to see added or covered here. Thanks, and lets begin...
1. Using the Basic Interface — The very basics of using Trade Oracle's basic interface — [Launch Tutorial]
2. Using the Advanced Interface — Using the Advanced Interface in Trade Oracle — [Launch Tutorial]
3. Best System - Equity Curve — Determining the Best System and Equity Curve — [Launch Tutorial]
4. Performance Explorations — Creating and analyzing with Performance Explorations — [Launch Tutorial]
5. Plotting Indicators — Plotting Indicators in Trade Oracle — [Launch Tutorial]
6. Removing the Start Bar — Removing the Start bar in Trade Oracle — [Launch Tutorial]
7. Signal Explorations — Finding Enter and Exit signals — [Launch Tutorial]
8. Using the Expert Advisor — Using the Expert Advisor in Trade Oracle — [Launch Tutorial]