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Fri June 22nd, 2018   

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MetaStock Software Products

MetaStock End-Of-Day Software

MetaStock 10 EOD
MetaStock 10 is award-winning charting and analysis software for End-of-Day Traders. Implementing state-of-the art technology, MetaStock leads the way with power tools that provide a level of accuracy and precision that was simply not possible before...

Now perform Broad Market calculations as well as chat with other MetaStock users, and more! [details and specifications]

MS001 MetaStock 10 EOD...Was $499.00 now only $429.00! Now $429.00!
plus S&H (U.S. $15.00; Canada, $35.00; Intl, $55.00)
Orders normally ship within 24 business hours

MetaStock Professional Software

MetaStock 10 Professional
Now you can test across multiple securities and multiple systems to find the ultimate trading scenarios!
If you are a real-time trader, you will love the "cutting edge" charting and analysis power of MetaStock Pro 10. You get charts by the day, hour, minute or tick � and all the real-time analysis capabilities that go with it!

Our new Enhanced System Tester is breaking new ground in areas of high-level analysis with multi-systems and multi-securities testing, and amazing testing customization capabilities. [product details and specifications]

Important! Due to the nature of MetaStock Professional, the 30-day return policy does not apply.

MS002 MetaStock 10 Professional... Was $1695.00 now only $1,479.00! Now $1,479.00!
plus S&H (U.S. $15.00; Canada, $35.00; Intl, $55.00)
Orders normally ship within 24 business hours