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Fri June 22nd, 2018   

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Financial Websites

Below are some financially oriented website resources you can browse to find additional information. TSAGroup is not affilliated with any of them, and accept no liability for their validity.

If you have a financial website and would like to reciprocate links, please visit our link-to-us page.


FXPipCapital Find an excellent trading opportunity at FX Pip Capital - learn Forex trading from experienced professional traders.

Government, Indices and Exchanges

Commodity Futures Trading Commission - Home of the Commitments of Traders report.

Dow Jones Industrials - Home of the Dow Jones Industrials.

Wall Street Journal - Home of the Wall Street Journal.

New York Stock Exchange - Home of the New York Stock Exchange.

Technical Analysis Associations

Australian Technical Analysts Assoc - ATAA is an association of people who use Technical Analysis for trading and investment decisions or for providing advice. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in technical analysis or who wishes to learn more about it.


Penny Stocks Guide - Learn to trade penny stocks by using this complete guide on getting started, benefits, good stock picks and more.

Raghee Horner's Corner - Learn to trade from a full-time trader and a professional instructor, Raghee Horner, who teaches equities, futures, and options trading. For almost a decade she has taught thousands of students my methods of charting, trend-spotting, and risk management. Visit now and get a FREE trading mini course.

A1 Commodity Futures Trading System Home Business - Learn to trade any market on any time frame. This site offers a simple no-hype guide to successfully trading all markets.

Market Commentary

Barbara Rockefeller - Market reports and commentary by Barbara Rockefeller. - is a leading financial futures Web site publishing technical trading systems, daily news, advice, commentary, trade alerts, real time quotes, intra day and end of day interactive Java charting and quotes on the Web and by email.

Commodity Information Systems, Inc. - Established in 1968, CIS publishes Bill Gary's Price Perceptions. This weekly market letter provides a unique combination of technical and fundamental research that takes you "past the obvious."

Technical Analysis Software

Equis, International - Makers of MetaStock technical analysis software.

Money Centre - Valuable technical analysis resource site features FREE proprietary charting software for the analysis of stocks and mutual funds.

Advanced Trading Systems - Long term weekly trading systems with exceptional performance.

Data Providers

Bullbear End-Of-Day Data Provider - Bullbear is a European End-Of-Day data provider for MetaStock formats. They also have a "Global Service" package that contains data regarding the main European (Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Finland) stocks, those of the USA (NYSE, AMEX, Nasdaq), Asia (Australia, Singapore) and the main world indexes.

Trading Systems and Market Timing

Market Analytics - Market Analytics provides unique timing tools and accurate price forecasts to private traders. Use Exhaustion Bars, self-optimizing momentum, and intraday S&P forecasts in your own trading to boost profits and reduce stress. Check out the weekly showcase page for free trading methods and analysis.

QQQ Market - QQQ Market Maker has developed a superior trading technique using their patented market timing system. Learn how to supercharge your profits with the MarketGuru and Option Master Timing Systems!

QQQ Trading System - QQQ Trading System with up to 600%+ return. Free 30 day trial.

S&P 500 Timing System - Trading system for the S&P 500 Index and it's derivative stock SPDRS. Compounded returns of more than 300% over 2 years. 10-20 safe trades in a year. Try us for Free!

Index Timing & Trading Systems - QQQ, Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, Dow Jones Index, Options & Mutual funds trading systems. These market timing systems have netted investors anywhere from 200-5000% over 2 years by making only 10-20 simple and conservative trades per year. 30-day free trial.

Analytical Charts - Real time volume charts for stocks, indexes and exchanges. Volume based analysis and signals. - An incredibly powerful trading system. Receive daily market analysis, stock picks and MUCH MORE. Everything you need to succeed.

Mutual Funds Trading - Signals for Mutual Funds tied to the Nasdaq 100 index. - Discover a professional level trade system which produces incredible profits, yet is simple to understand and easy to use. If you really want to make serious money in the market, examine what this powerful strategy can do for YOU!

Index Options Signals - Nasdaq 100 and QQQ options signals.

Timing Signals - Buy/sell signals for all the major US indexes and exchanges.

Market Analysis and Advisories - FREE trial of forecasts and trading system for Commodity and Index futures markets.

Fdates - Futures Trading Membership - "Know Today the Market Turns of Tomorrow! All members receive advance warning of daily and weekly market reversals via our weekly report. Trading topics discussed on our members forum daily."

MarketVolume - Provides real time volume of S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, S&P 100 and other indexes. Volume based technical analysis. Market timing of QQQ, SPDRs, Diamonds. - We forcast turning points in the major U.S. Indices. We average 5 signals a month and have produced better than 80% success for the S&P500 Index since 1994. Each signal is given to members on average 3 days in advance.

MarketSignals - Market Signals is a commodities and futures trading advisory site, providing realtime, profit generating, satisfaction guaranteed trading systems, online seminars, trading tools and courses.

Alert Day Trading Signals - Specializing in realtime day trading signals on the s&p 500 and e-mini futures markets, plus information on trading methodologies.

A Commodity Trading World - We broadcast live signals on the E mini, publish nightly trading signals and technical commentary on the major U.S. futures markets and provide links to options, trading systems, trading courses, books, quotes and charts.

Traders Floor - Volume based Technical analysis of Nasdaq 100, DOW, S&P 500 and other indexes. Market timing for QQQ, DIA, SPDRS ...

CTCR Commodity Futures Trading - Trading resource providing traders with commodities and futures advice. - Commodity trading resources include free charts, quotes, papertrading and Options advisory by Canadian broker Marty Hibbs.

Hills Capital Management - Hills Capital Management provides services customized for novice and experienced traders. Our trading platform is the most advanced available, and provides free live charts and quotes, Time & Sales waterfall, one-click trading from the waterfall with lightning fast fills, and paper trading or live trading capabilities.

General Trading and Investing Resources

Index Analysis - Advanced technical analysis of QQQ, SPDRS, Dow and index mutual funds. - Futures and Options portal offering quotes, news, research, charts, software, books, daily recs, futures directory and more! - Popular financial resource offering stock picks, stock screening utilities, research, news, reports, and more. Investor's Advantage also offers a quarterly selection of ten Hot Stock picks with a guarantee.

Dr. T's - Dr. T's is your concise guide to online investing in the stock market. - web site dedicated to all aspects of trading in global financial markets, including stock, forex, futures, and other markets. We provide information about money and risk management, trading systems and techniques, articles, recommended reading, and discussion boards.

Channel Challenges for Technical Analysts - Learn more about the use of channels for technical analysis, including the Enhanced Raff Regression Channel and TeamWork Channels!

Stocks and Commodities Resources - A vast database of traders resources and websites. You'll find what you're looking for here!

Traders Helping - A really comprehensive listing of traders resources and websites. Check this one out for sure! - Free stock market and mutual fund information, free stock quotes, investing data, a glossary of stock, mutual fund financial terms, and definitions.

Trading Glossary - Trading and Financial Glossary for investors. 6,000+ words.

Beating The Trend - Stock Trading System - Short on time? This site offers simple but powerful guide to profitable online stock trading and options trading using technical analysis of charts. Free trading tips.

Pro Edge - Trade futures, options on futures and FX On-Line at discounted rates with Infinity Brokerage. - 4 Online Futures Trading Platforms. Broker Assisted, Managed, and Discount Futures Trading. Free Live Quotes, Charts, and Market Research.

Other Resources